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This phenomenal artist crafts fantastic cat illustrations - you will really adore her works

  • Do you genuinely like to follow the insightful work of varied talented folks that give away to their readers special and absolutely outstanding inspired stuff? I have this interest too, and not long ago I ran into an impressive blogging site that is developed by an awesome Chinese designer that resides in Europe. Her name is Shirley Chen and she was born in Shanghai but now she lives Sweden and does very nice and intensely remarkable fine art as well as blends this exercise with writing and clothing fashion associated photography. Therefore, on her extremely captivating blog are available special creative illustrations that give to the audience a unique sensation of beauty.


    I turned out to be so enthusiastic about her exquisite as well as very enchanting inspiring illustrator works, that I began to look much deeper into her profile and discovered that in her young age she was actually attracted to graffiti and this exercise encouraged her to create and paint extraordinary pictures. Furthermore, I have found that aside from generating genuinely unique and charming paintings, this extremely experienced and also skilled painter has a passion for felines and among her most highly valued and highly-regarded masterpieces are available out of ordinary cat illustrations at the same time. So all the kitty addicts, simply will be thrilled to find out amazing and fascinating works of art to display their much-loved four-legged buddies. Also, being a many-sided creative personality, Shirley is also excited about fashion and style and even though, when she began to write on her blog 7 years back she was spreading just her incredible works, now she also concentrates on helping her public about china fashion by showing to her day by day designs and she even mixes them with computer illustrations simultaneously. In addition, it turned out that she is also a fantastic indoor designer and by now she had chance to work for various works of art that involved wall decoration, candle holders, fabric and embroidered pillows and more. As you see, a beautiful mind and soul can solely develop incomparable products and produce really brilliant and very creative ideas!

    I guess that at this stage you might be truly wanting to know to see precisely how she blends the cat art with style and design and photography to manufacture a eye-catching website that attracts every day lots of people eager to discover some fresh new and modern art directions, and I will be more than glad to inspire you to simply click on the website link that follows: where you will discover what you want to learn about Shirley! Keep close track of her awesome works and ideas and your visuallization will become richer and more resourceful!
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