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The Temporary Accent Wall

  • While accent walls are tempting the theory is that, often they are too risky a decor feature for most people. Through the holidays, most owners will rescue their life from their usual rut and go "all out," decorating with abandon. Why don't you try a brief accent wall, simply for the holiday season? You could utilize paint, obviously, but that is fairly permanent in many people's eyes, not this intrepid decorator; you might have identified at this point.


    You'll be able to accomplish a highlight wall by hanging lengths of material, wallpaper or colored paper. Fixing these mediums to walls doesn't need to be permanent; you'll be able to staple them upper and lower to a section of wall that you want to flaunt, or attach the fabric or paper with a large bit of foam board which can be painted also.

    For those who have a special vignette that you wish to highlight, convey a large piece of accent fabric behind the vignette and it'll act as a fantastic backdrop. You can use an ordinary silk drape at the same time, by simply hanging it on the curtain rod near to the ceiling; the drape may be slightly gathered with regard to added texture or hung and extended so it will lie flat from the wall. A great idea if you have wallpaper or possibly a colored wall which doesn't agree with your holiday decor. You might want to display hanging cards but don't wish to have competing designs; simply hang or fix cards towards the "accent fabric wall" that will create your new design.

    You might like to then add special excitement to your fireplace mantle with the help of a temporary accent color above to punch inside the center point from the room. This space can be a great spot to add paint should you planned to experiment with an accent color without committing a complete wall for it. Simply draw parallel lines through the the top of mantle on the ceiling and paint your punch of color.

    Understand that a bold color will take several coats of paint, though the floor is generally fairly small, so this project doesn't need quite a lot of paint. Your lines do need to be sharp and clean so follow directions when utilizing one of the numerous painters' tape products to offer the look you might be after. Once the holiday season is over, if you're inclined to depart the colour up, healthy; if not, simply paint it out, having a good primer to cover the bold color and re-apply the room color on the wall.
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